Fix three common login problem for Ubuntu

Written on 09 April 2015

Sometime you must to clean ubuntu-destop setting, to reinstall ubuntu-desktop package to get default configuration of Ubuntu like you install Ubuntu CD . Reinsall ubuntu-desktop can help to solve so much problem like
- The system is running in low-graphics mode”.
- Can't login to Ubuntu after upgrade ubuntu
- Can not login and lost network-connection or your computer work not normal after you try some trick. So bad !

First,remove and clean X11 config file then reintall ubuntu-destop package. But how to do ?

To access x-term press Alt + F1 ,type your password then enter.

rm -f .xsession-errors  
rm -f .Xauthority  

If your case is can't login , you can stop at this step type sudo reboot. If not continue.

sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop  

Then just re-install

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-destop  

If nothing have change.

Note: You make note network connection *

Just purge dbus then purge ubuntu-desktop and then reinstall ubuntu-deskop and dbus package.

    sudo apt-get purge dbus 

Reboot to recovery mode, You make need press Esc key.
Next choose Enable Network to enable network then reinstall ubunu-desktop and dbus.

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