Git reading list for beginner

Written on 01 July 2015

This blogpost is a reading list on Git. I will update here for me and for who may need it.
What is git ?

Git - The stupid content tracker by Linus Torvalds

But is great ! Learn it !
Resource for quick use , command and cheat sheet

This is the easiest for start learn about git. I think you should read this first Git-it by Jessica Lord and install command line tool for

`sudo npm install -g git-it 

Introduce to Git

  1. Git Beginner's Guide for Dummies
  2. Set Up Git by Github or read my post How to use Github with SSH
  3. Generate ssh key and setup ssh for Github
  4. Just a simple guide for getting started with git
  5. Visual git guide


  1. Awesome git cheatsheet Visual Git Cheat Sheet
  2. Git SCM Document Reference
  3. Git Cheat Sheet by by Roger Dudler
  4. GitHub Git Cheat Sheet
  5. Git Every Day -Kernel.ORG

Git Work flow and branching model

  1. Git for Beginners by Ryan
  2. A successful Git branching model By Vincent Driessen

*Reference an Book *

Read more on git Github Reading