How to solve openVPN bug step by step

Written on 13 June 2015

How to install openvpn step by step


How to solve openVPN bug step by step

To install openVPN, you may want look for step by step tutorial. The keyword to search may be: How to install openvpn step by step. You make ask I do the same but it not work ! I same with you.

Some bug happen because you not really do the same. You make a bit differential with tutorial. What you must do is repeat all step once more time. Or you can use another tutorial.

Someone can solve a same bug with you

After try to install but no thing work. I think you will need to learn how to solve bug. Cat the log file or run program in debug mode will help to solve.

In this case I can use openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/server.conf to load configuration options from file.

And bug log will appearance in your terminal. Then copy the bug and paste to google search. Someone can solve a same bug with you.

In my case , I find that my server Linux kernel is incompatibly with openvpn. This is what really must to solve.
I need to it compatible, upgrade or downgrade kernel is a solution.

A: My openvpn server stopped working after a recent kernel upgrade from  
linux-image-3.2.0-4-amd64_3.2.63-2_amd64.deb to  
linux-image-3.2.0-4-amd64_3.2.63-2+deb7u1_amd64.deb . Downgrading makes it work again.

B:You need to reboot after a kernel upgrade.  
A: I did reboot after the kernel upgrade.`  
I just installed the new kernel again, rebooted, and now get the error again. This bug seems is not fixed by rebooting after the kernel upgrade.  
B: Your boot loader is still loading the old kernel.  That's a problem in  
your boot loader configuration, not the new kernel.  
A: Yes, you are correct, thanks!

Just for other people's reference, it seems that grub settings are ignored  
on digital ocean, and that you instead have to specify which kernel is  
booted from the Digital Ocean control panel, loaded from outside the  
droplet. That doesn't seem like a terribly smart setup to me, since it  
apparently use the kernel modules installed in the droplet, which obviously  
can be incompatible with the kernel.  

I find my solution at here Openvpn server can't start after upgrade to kernel
But my problem name is "Fail to install Open VPN, I can install openVPN". You will feel it not same bug, but final solution is same.

I realize that to solve a bug, I must know more about bug. Why, what and how , bug happen. Knowledge is not enough, do is importance.