Use keyboard shortcuts to master Firefox browser.

Written on 18 June 2015

Today, I have learned to become a master of using browser. My computer default browser is Firefox. I recently switch it to default for a year and feel It good. I want use shortcut to become a master of using browser. You can read more at here Perform common Firefox tasks quickly. What I do here is blog to remember these shortcut.

First, Start easily with editing.

For copy, cut: Ctrl +C, Ctrl + X.
How to delete: Delete to right side and Backspace for delete to left side .
PressCtrl + Z for Undo and Ctrl + Shift Z for Redo.
Press Ctrl + V for Paste. But sometimes you want just paste plain text use Ctrl + Shift + V.

Now some good stuff.


New Tab Ctrl + T,
New window Ctrl + N
Open private window Ctrl + Shift + P
Select First Tab - Alt + 1 .
Select Last Tab - Alt + 9
Select Tab 2 to 8 - Alt + 2 to 8

Close Current Tab Ctrl + W, to redo Ctrl + Shift + T
Close all tab on current window Ctrl +Shift + W

Tab Groups

Tab Group is a nice feature, that you can to organize a lot of tabs.
To use Tab Groups View Ctrl + Shift + E and drag a tab out of the group. Now have two tab group you may want to switch between them.
Next Tab Group Ctrl + `
Previous Tab Group Ctrl + Shift `
Some other good tricks are search,resizing tab Groups, quick find in tab group you can read more at Use Tab Groups to organize a lot of tabs

Tab Group


Focus Search bar Ctrl + K or Ctrl + J
Change search engine Ctrl + ↑ , Ctrl + ↓
Find - Quick Find - Link find Press / for quick find.
Press ' for quick find but just for link on page.
Press Ctrl + F for find all thinh on page.
Press Ctrl + G of F3 for next occurrence and Ctrl + Shift + G of Shift+F3 for previous occurrence.
Read more in Firefox support page.

Use mouse shortcuts

Open link in New Window Shift + Left-click link
Open link in new Tab Middle-click on Link
Duplicate Tab or Bookmark Ctrl + Drag tab
Close Tab Middle-click on Tab

Read more on Firefox Tech Note