Use Trickle to limit used bandwidth of an application.

Written on 24 July 2016

For Limit bandwidth of an application, like limit donwnload or upload speed. You cand use Trickle

  1. Install Trickle
    For almost distro you can install use package management with package name "trickle"
pacman -S trickle  
apt-get install trickle #Debian/Ubuntu  

2. Usage
Open manpage

help trickle  
man trickle  

3. Example
For limit Firefox download speed is 1mb/s
trickle -d 1000 firefox For limit upload speed of torrent to 500kb you can set
trickle -u 5000 torrentapps

If you heed this message

trickle -d 1000 firefox  
trickle: Could not reach trickled, working independently: No such file or directory  


trickle -s -d 1000 firefox  
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