Use twitter in terminal , browsing twitter like a boss

Written on 24 July 2015

I have found a twitter client in terminal, yes a terminal application. Yes, I love browsing in terminal. And Rainbowstream is perfect for me.


Almost everything you can do with a GUI application just available in your favorite terminal.
By Orakaro @dtvd88 a Pythonista and Vimmer.

Let's see Rainbowstream in action

Rainbowstream in action, using twitter in terminal


You can install this application using python pip, you must install pip to install Rainbowstream

Install python pip
curl "" -o ""  


If you use Debian,Redhat base distro you can use single command

# Debian  
apt-get -y install python-pip  
# CentOS, Fedora  
yum install python-pip -y  

Install Rainbowstream

# Python 2 users: 
sudo pip install rainbowstream  
# Python 3 users:   
sudo pip3 install rainbowstream  

Using Rainbowstream

Open your favorite terminal then type 'rainbowstream', type h for help.
Here is sample:

Hi boss! I'm ready to serve you right now!

You are already on your personal stream.
Any update from Twitter will show up immediately.
In addition, following commands are available right now:

♪ Twitter help
h discover will show help for discover commands.
h tweets will show help for tweets commands.
h messages will show help for messages commands.
h friendsandfollowers will show help for friends and followers commands.
h list will show help for list commands.
h stream will show help for stream commands.

♪ Screening h will show this help again.
p will pause the stream.
r will unpause the stream.
c will clear the screen.
v will show version info.
q will quit.

Now type p then type swtich public #tag to follow your favorite tag.

To follow me type fl @sudoask


You make want to contribute this project:
Github page
Project page
Or you want to say hello with @dtvd88

Have fun !